New Bollore and Passione: dual fuel ovens

Passione Toscana gas ovens line with new design: more powerful, more efficient and without having to use the door

Ideal for pizza, bread and roasts

...And if you don't have an LPG cylinder you can use it with wood, easily removing the burner

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Emozione: Liberate your pizza passion

Discover the excellent cooking uniformity of the large 2-pizza gas oven Emozione!

Born to surprise, Elegant and Innovative, made to raise the level of your pizza and achieve excellence through passion! Ideal for true pizza lovers!

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Ardore: Small outside, big inside!

Super compact gas fired oven for pizza and roasts, practical, easy to move, Ready to use.

The powerful burner allows you to quickly reach the temperature for cooking your pizzas. The particular design of the burner allows you to uniform cooking and to balance the internal temperatures to guarantee you the best results easily

The floor is 3cm thick which allows excellent versatility of use and a balanced thermal mass, eliminating the temperature recovery times between one pizza and another.

Ardore is insulated with a high-density professional ceramic fiber to guarantee unparalleled cooking uniformity and high performance.

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Choose the best Essenza pizza peel compatible with your favorite oven !

The line of Essenza pizza peels in lightweight aluminum and with the innovative design to obtain pizza peel and perforated pizza peel with unparalleled flexibility. Handy and perforated, light and flexible, they are pizza peels that make using the your oven simple and fun, being able to manage pizzas like the most famous pizza chefs. The exclusive design of the drop-shaped slots allows excellent smoothness and ease of unloading the flour before your pizza enters the oven.

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Choose your favorite wood fired oven !

Pizza Party the most versatile wood fired oven is the right answer for you

The advantages of the REAR FLUE:: the position of the flue is the added value of the wood oven, in fact it provides many advantages: First of all, keeping the heat inside the oven for a longer time in order to increase efficiency and reduce consumption .. Second advantage, it increases in safety, in fact the fire cannot pass into the flue during normal use.

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