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Customization: front with large mouth and Firenze style


New product

The new front oven has the new style with the emblem of Florence in relief, also it has a mouth optimized in the lower, larger by almost 10%

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The new attractive design, makes it even more aesthetically pleasing your wood fired oven as Florentine tradition, and has an optimization of the lines to make them easier and provide greater comfort to use Pizza Party oven.

Due to the geometries used, increasing the size of the bottom mouth of almost 10%, rising to 39cm (15,5 inch), doesn't penalize the efficiency of the wood fired oven.

In any wood fired oven with a big mouth involves many heat loss resulting reduction of the efficiency, greater wood consumption, higher thermal differences in the floor, many temperature changes by external factors like the wind. All these problems don't occur with the fronts Pizza Party because we have expanded the mouth only where bring benefits, where you work with the pizza peel, while the lateral geometries allow proper air flow into the oven avoiding heat losses and ensuring high performance each condition.

Compatible with Pizza Party 70x70 and Pizzone oven


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