Pizzone & Passione: 4 bricks of BISCOTTO SAPUTO

mattonisaputo pizzone

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4 artisanal bricks BISCOTTO SAPUTO modified to make them compatible with and Pizzone and Passione oven

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They are made with an artisanal process using alluvial clay.

The drying step comes naturally with subsequent baking stove and / or oven powered mechanical LPG (cooking natural). The artifacts can occasionally exhibit burn marks, chipping, cracking surface or other abnormalities that represent the characteristics of a natural product "handmade".

Features: slow accumulation of heat during the heating phase and a slow release during cooking.

When you order this product "BISCOTTO SAPUTO" will receive:

Pizzone: 4 brick 40 * 30 * 3.3cm

If you purchase this accessory at the same time you place an order for the wood fired oven, you will receive 4 BISCOTTO SAPUTO floor bricks in place of the original floor bricks that are normally provided with the oven. 

This handcrafted Biscotto Saputo product is not covered by any warranty. That includes any damage which may occur to the product during shipping or at any time thereafter.

Matregale and his Pizzone oven with biscotto Saputo, neapolitan pizza in 1 minute

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