Refractory brick for pizza in the home electric oven and bread in home oven

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NOTES: You will receive 1 Pizza Brick in your home electric oven, excellent for baking bread in home oven

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The pizza on refractory stone is a pizza made in the home oven (electric oven) with the characteristics of the pizza you eat in a pizzeria! That's right, the typical round pizza, thin and with a slightly crunchy edge! All this is possible by putting in your home oven a stone called "refractory stone" which simulates the cooking surface of a traditional wood oven. Also useful for making homemade bread

When you order this product "Refractory brick for pizza in the home electric oven" will receive: 1 pizza stone 30 * 40cm

Choose the pizza peel you prefer and pay only one shipment, you can buy the laser thermometer on the accessories page, very useful for cooking pizza and bread in your home oven


Compatible with home electric ovens and BBQ

There aren't warranty for eventual shipping damage