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Ardore outdoor gas fired pizza oven mobile pizza party oven

BOX Ardore "bright silver" GPL for Europe + Laser thermometer + Rocker cutter + user manual

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BOX Offer: included laser thermometer and cover

The quality is made of small size and big pizzas!

Super compact gas oven practical and easy to move. Ready to use.

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Ideal for those with little space and want to make great pizzas. Compact and easy to move is appreciated for the possibility of being used where, when and how you want in your garden, for private use.

Small out big inside! In fact, the Ardore gas fired pizza oven has the largest floor in its class with 40x40cm (15.75" x 15.75") available, an essential requirement to better manage their pizzas, roasts and much more.

The cooking floor is made of a 3cm (1.2") thick refractory material that allows excellent versatility of use and a balanced thermal mass.

The lightness of the Ardore gas fired pizza oven is exceptional, a prerequisite for a compact space-saving pizza oven, the version with the refractory floor weighs only 20kg and with a Biscotto floor only 18.4kg (40lb)!!!!

The powerful 6kw gas burner allows you to quickly reach the temperature for cooking your pizzas up to a maximum temperature of 550 ° C (1022 ºF), an important requirement especially for lovers of Neapolitan pizza. The particular design of the burner allows to uniform the cooking and to balance the internal temperatures to guarantee the best results.

Outdoor gas pizza oven Ardore features:

Cooking floor size: 40 x 40 cm = 0.16 mq (15.75" x 15.75")

Lightweight without bricks and legs: only 8.8 kg (19lb)

Lightweight with bricks and legs: 20kg (44lb) with biscotto floor only 18.4kg (40lb)

Cooking floor thickness: 3cm (1.2") for a balanced thermal mass

Insulator material: Professional ecological ceramic fiber “high density”

Max. temperature: 550 ºC (1022 ºF)

Mouth size: 36 x 14.5cm (14.2" x 5.7")

External size without legs: 46 x 55 x 30 cm (18.1" x 21.7" x 11.8")

External size with legs: 46 x 55 x 42.5 cm (18.1" x 21.7" x 16.7")

Color: bright silver

Fuel supply: LPG, propane, butane

External dome material: Painted Aluminum easy to clean and long durability

Security system: Thermocouple

Use: Outdoor locations, terrace, gardens, patio, backyards

Use: private

Included: gas fired oven, legs, refractory floor, user manual

Actual offer included in the oven: quick-connection + tube and LPG regulator assembled

BOX Offer: included laser thermometer and rocker cutter


Pizza peels NOT INCLUDED, these and other accessories shown in the photos to be purchased separately in our shop online

Version for use in Europe