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Pizza peel 30x32 cm stainless steel and aluminum

Pala per infornare+manico

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Wood-fired oven pizza peel for outside and big environments

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Pizza peel with separable handle. Ideal for wood fired ovens of any size. The ability to have the separable handle allows comfortable use in small areas like houses, taverns and balconies, or in an open environment, such as wood fired oven placed in verandas and gardens. Light and separable, there are practical during use and comfortable to store when not in use. The versatility of this set of shovels makes it easy and fun to cook pizzas with your wood oven as to Italian culinary tradition.

The extensions of the handles are easily pluggable, while maintaining a very good strength for each use. The length of the extension is 60cm allowing a long-handle measuring 116cm


These pizza peels are composed by a round shaped aluminum handle with a diameter of 25mm to allow an optimal handling and facilitate the frequent use.

The blades are made of stainless steel, which gives the shovel a remarkable durability, while its reduced thickness allows an easy use even to  the less experienced and also ensuring excellent elasticity.

The boxy shape makes it very easy to use the shovel to transfer the pizza from the pastry board / work surface over onto  the shovel.


Shovel to bake the pizza ( the biggest shovel): 595g

Extensions : 163g

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