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Pizza peel Essenza 34 cm aluminum perforated pizza peel Pizzaschaufel

Aluminum perforated pizza peel Essenza 34cm

Pala Essenza forata 34cm

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Very flexible perforated aluminum pizza peel

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This revolutionary type of pizza peels are entirely made of anodized aluminum without joints in order to give the pizza peel an unparalleled lightness and flexibility.

Handy and perforated, light and flexible, they are pizza peel that make using the oven simple and fun, being able to manage pizzas like the most famous pizzamakers.

The innovative design of the slots in the shape of drops allows excellent flowability and ease of unloading the flour before your pizza enters the oven.

Round handle with a diameter of 27mm to allow an optimal grip and facilitate frequent use. The very square shape facilitates the use of the pizza peel for transferring the pizza from the pastry board / work surface to above the pizza peel.

The main feature of this type of pizza peel is its high flexibility, thanks to the geometries used and its monobloc anodized aluminum structure.

The practical buttonhole on the handle allows you to hang the pizza peel when not in use.

Perforated pizza peel Essenza features:

Lightweight: 410g

Width: 34cm

Shape: rectangular with round corners

Handle diameter: 2.7cm

Handle length: 30cm

Total lenght: 64cm

Material: monobloc anodized aluminum

Buttonhole: drop-shaped

Thin: only 1.2mm to facilitate the ascent of the pizza

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