Outdoor NATURAL GAS pizza oven Bollore CANNA DI FUCILE (Italia, USA, Canada, Australia)

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Many good reasons to choose an outdoor gas pizza oven Pizza Party Passione or Bollore:
- They are easy to use, fast in heating and cooking.

- You can use wherever you want on the terrace and garden without worrying about the smoke and the neighbors.

- Optimized gas burner to allow high performance and have so much space available on the floor.

- Easy gas control to cook pizza bread and roasts.

- There isn't ash.

- Assembled with professional materials, ideal for private use

- Ready to use.

- ..and you can use the oven with firewood! It's easy to remove the gas burner.

Offer at only: $2,040.00 tax incl.


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Shipping cost (United States)

USA and CANADA by FEDEX: $300.00

Home delivery to USA CANADA generally 8-10 business days, Insurance and ALL TAXES INCLUDED (Special price)

DHL express service USA/CANADA: $360.00

Home delivery to USA CANADA generally 4-6 business days, Insurance and ALL TAXES INCLUDED (Special price)

Outdoor NATURAL GAS pizza oven Bollore features:

External size: 70 x 70 cm = 0.49 mq (27,56” x 27,56”)

Cooking floor size: 60 x 60 cm = 0.36 mq (23,62” x 23,62”)

Weight with bricks: 51 kg (110 lb.)

Weight without bricks: 36 kg (77 lb.)

Power: 20KW (68000BTU)

Medium consumption: 0,8 Kg/h (1,7 lb.)

Color: Gunmetal

Max. temperature: 550 ºC (1022 ºF)

Fuel supply: Natural gas or wood

External dome material: Painted aluminum, easy to clean and long durability

Insulator material: Professional ecological ceramic fiber “high density”

Security system: Thermocouple

Use: Outdoor locations, terrace, gardens, patio, backyards

Included: Oven, thermometer, 6+2 bricks, chimney, door with hole, save front, front with large mouth, Natural gas burner

Special offer: Cover, cap for wood use


Support, pizza peels NOT INCLUDED, these and other accessories shown in the photos to be purchased separately in our shop online Pizzapartyshop.com

By ordering the oven together with the biscotto Saputo floor, you will NOT receive the floor in refractory bricks that are provided in the pizza oven you wish to purchase

USA, CANADA, AUSTRALIA customers: is inlcuded a dedicated tube length 50cm (19.7") and natural gas regulator 5WC 1/2 female

Compatible with 70x70's stand with wheels

Natural Gas fired pizza oven

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