Terms and conditions

In this document, Genotema SRL Unipersonale covers how it manages and protects the www.pizzapartyshop.com website.

Ownership of the content of the site and of the trademark

Using the content on this site, like the images, video content, technical data sheets, etc., the content of all the newsletters sent by e-mail or of similar communications sent by Genotema SRL Unipersonale, and all other content on this website prepared and transmitted directly by Genotema SRL Unipersonale, is prohibited without explicit authorisation.

Unauthorised use or copying the content of the website or using the content of the website in breach of these requirements infringes the copyright, trademarks or other property rights, as well as the provisions of the criminal or civil law. Using any of the content of the website (or any other content made available via this website) in such a way as to infringe the copyright, trademarks or other property rights is strictly prohibited. Genotema SRL Unipersonale reserves all its rights in relation to unauthorised use and breach of these Conditions.

Pizza Party is a registered trademark of Genotema SRL Unipersonale All trademarks, logos, internet addresses and products or models names and derivatives that describe the products or services of Genotema SRL Unipersonale, or that contain the word Pizza Party and are included in the content of the website, are registered trademarks and/or the property of Genotema SRL Unipersonale Using or modifying the Pizza Party trademark is strictly prohibited.

Using this website or its content in such a way that infringes these Conditions or any applicable rights or regulations, or that causes or can cause damage to, interrupt or limit this website or its content is not permitted.