History of Pizza Party brand

Many years have now passed since the “Pizza Party 70 x 70“portable wood fired oven was born. The model that is sold nowadays is much different than the one of 10 years ago.

Initially it was supposed to be an oven to make some pizza with friends, then after achieving many happy costumers, development has continued in order to create a revolutionary oven within everyone’s reach.

The research and development was time consuming, the oven that we were designing would have revolutionized the market and we wanted to make sure to satisfy the needs of each and every costumer.

After 5 years of designing, the model currently on the market was finally born. It then entered to the testing phase that lasted for two years from 2003 until 2005, in order to test the oven in extreme conditions and choosing the best materials to ensure excellent product quality over time. The “Pizza Party Jolly 70 x 70” wood fired oven was patented and became the flagship product of Pizza Party firm of Villani Marisa based in the province of Florence in 2005.