Warranty Pizza Party products: 24 months from the date of shipment

Buying a wood fired oven 70x70, Pizzone, you recive 2 refractory bricks of guarantee ricks spare to keep in case of a possible broken.

This items isn't covered by warranty: Biscotto Saputo, the thermal glass of door with glass

Genotema SRL Unipersonale guarantees the purchaser, but not its successors, the products covered by the following contract for the period indicated therein. The warranty materializes and exhausts in the repair or free replacement of the pieces that cannot be used due to defects or defects in material, construction or work, provided that these parts are delivered ex factory Genotema SRL Unipersonale.

The validity of the warranty coverage is for all the material and components that manifest construction defects, assessed by our authorized technical personnel. The guarantee provided is subject to forfeiture if the defective parts are tampered with, modified or disassembled by persons not previously authorized by Genotema SRL Unipersonale.

In addition to the aforementioned repair and replacement, the Genotema SRL Unipersonale does not incur any obligation and in particular the purchaser is excluded the right to demand the termination of the contract or recognition of lost profits and any other direct or indirect damage. If repairs and replacements must be made in the place where the machine is installed, the travel and accommodation expenses of the Genotema SRL Unipersonale operators and technicians will be invoiced to the Buyer based on the company rates in effect at the time of the intervention.

Genotema SRL Unipersonale will not be liable for defects resulting from material or projects provided by the Buyer.

The warranty does not extend to breakdowns or breakages due to natural wear, negligent maintenance, inexperience, negligence, use of materials other than those described in this manual or to the Purchaser's misuse of the machine and ceases if payments are not made by Purchaser at agreed intervals or if the product, or parts of it, has been modified or repaired without permission from Genotema SRL Unipersonale.

Any breakages of the cooking floor bricks are not included in the warranty.