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Outdoor wood fired pizza oven PATENTED and CERTIFIED FOR FOOD USE to ensure the highest quality of the Pizza Party Wood fired pizza oven... and the quality of the food that you are going to cook for you and your family

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Portable Wood fired oven 70×70

Wood fired oven for pizza roast and bread, Enjoy Pizza Party all year!

Indoor and outdoor wood fired pizza oven with high strength refractory bricks hob (floor). Thanks to the special ecological insulation, to the special coating and to the to exhaust internal geometries, we developed a wood fired pizza oven that is both easy to use and highly functional at the same time.

The high efficiency has allowed a reduction of the size, making it compact and convenient maintaining all the qualities of a bigger and bulkier masonry wood fired oven. Easy to carry, thanks to it’s 50 kg (110 lb.) weight, it can be used indoors in winter and outdoors in the summer. Excellent for pizzas, roast meats and desserts, it only takes 2.5 kilograms of fuel for every hour of use (5.5 Pounds per hour). Save money by producer direct sales, and recived you wood fired pizza oven directly at home and ready to use.

The Primacy by High Quality Certified for your Health:

In 1998 we designed the first truly wood-fired oven mobile in the world and within the reach of all: Pizza Party 70×70. Mobile wood fired ovens PATENTED and CERTIFIED FOR FOOD USE to ensure the highest quality of the Pizza Party wood fired ovens… and the quality of the food that you are going to cook for you and your family.

To achieve high levels of quality, Pizza Party wood ovens is fully insulated by a super ecological insulation, and is composed by aluminum skin, high quality stainless steel, Pizzeria’s refractory bricks and other excellent material to increase durability for indoor and outdoors use. 100 % made in Florence and all material used is certified for food use and made in Italy/Cee.

By purchasing a Pizza Party 70×70 will have included in the price:
Wood fired oven, Spartifiamma, Alzalegna, regulated flue, chimney, traditional door without glass, thermometer, 6 + 2 firebricks
Other accessories shown in the photos to be purchased separately in our shop online Pizzapartyshop.com


External size: 70 x 70 cm = 0.49 mq (27” ½ x 27” ½)

Cook top internal size: 60 x 60 cm = 0.36 mq (23” 5/8 x 23” 5/8)

Weight: 50 kg (110 lb.)

Weight without bricks: 35 kg (77 lb.)

Average consumption: 2.5 Kg/h (5.5 lb./h)

Pizzas: 2 round pizza or a long 55-60cm

Insulator: Professional ecological ceramic fiber

Max temperature recommended: 550 ºC – 1022 ºF

Indoor dome material: Stainless Steel 18/10 to increase durability! Checks the quality doesn't stick the magnet!

External dome material: Painted Aluminum: easy to clean and long durability

Pizza Party Wood fired oven size
The front of the wood fired pizza oven is made of refractory material to give the pizza oven a lot of efficiency, while retaining the rustic Italian traditional look, ideal for enclosing anywhere in the kitchen and in the basement.
It can be a wood fired pizza oven to place inside your home during wintertime and a wood fired oven in your backyard during summertime. You can place it on any surface able to support 50 KG of weight (110 lb.).


Ulteriori informazioni sul nostro sito ufficiale ITA forni-a-legna.com

More info in our official web site UK wood-fired-pizza-oven.us

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