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Inclined BBQ - how to make barbecue at home in the wood fired pizza oven

BBQ inclinato

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The barbecue at home, the pleasure of do roast without smoke

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Inclined BARBECUE: It maintains the same quality of traditional barbecue set. It has the advantage of making it easier to cook food that need to be flipped often. The grid can be turned quickly with one move without having to the meat or vegetables flip piece by piece. Composed of a pan, and a grid of ideal size to make the best use of the cooking floor. It was suggested from our clients, it is a valid alternative to traditional BBQ that create much smoke as the fat falls on brace and could bother your neighborhood. If you pour some water in the pan when your meat is half-cooked, you’ll notice that the steam created from the heat will make the meat softer, without blackening it.

Baking sheet of high quality created by “Pentole Agnelli

Dimensions baking tray 40x30cm (15.75x11.81 in)

Size grating without handle, cooking area 27x37cm (10.62x14.57 in)

Size grating including handle 27x52cm (20.47x14.57 in)

Height 18cm (7cm)


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