Small round turning pizza peel perforated diameter 18cm (7")

Palino tondo forato

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Round turning pizza peel for wood-fired ovens, gas and electric ovens, very light and perforated to simplify pizza management and flour unloading

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Ideal for pizza ovens of any size. The possibility of having a short handle allows a comfortable use both in narrow rooms such as houses, taverns and balconies, and in an open environment, such as wood-fired ovens positioned in verandas and gardens.

The drilling facilitates the use of the small pizza peel to turn the pizza and allow an excellent discharge of the flour.

Light and flexible, it is practical during use and convenient to store when not in use. The versatility of this turning round pizza peel makes it easy and fun to churn out pizzas with your wood-burning oven, electric ovens, gas pizza ovens as per italian culinary tradition.

Features: this type of pizza peel is composed of an ergonomic round aluminum handle with a 25mm (1") diameter to allow an optimal grip and facilitate frequent use.

The final part is composed of stainless steel, which gives the pizza peel considerable durability, while its reduced thickness allows ease of use even for the less experienced, also guaranteeing excellent elasticity.

Confortable to rotate the pizza and allow it to cook evenly.


Round turning pizza peel for the management of the fire and to turn the pizzas, diameter 18cm (7") lightweight: 320g (0.70Lb)

Ergonomic handle diameter: 2.5cm (1")

Handle length: 59cm (23.22")

Total turning pizza peel length: 77cm (30.31")

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